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Models for Purchases
​​​​​​Students enrolled in Advertising & Public Relations, Mass Communication, Film Sound & Video, Multimedia & Animation, Audio-Visual Technology, Animation & 3D Arts, Chinese Media & Communication should only purchase Apple Notebook computers. The reasons for purchasing an Apple Notebook computer  for these courses are as follows:
  • The Apple Notebook computer currently offer superior colour representation which is important in the design and development of creative/media products.
  • The creative media industry, for which these diplomas prepare their graduates, is currently, predominantly a Mac OS environment.

Students from all other courses are required to own Windows-based Notebook computers as they would be using software provided by their Schools or Divisions that do not have an Apple version.

For notebook related course-specific queries, please click here .

For students enrolling into the Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing), you are NOT required to purchase a laptop computer. Instead, please check here for details of the mobile device specified for your course.

Home Broadband

Student without Home Broadband who have financial difficulties may apply to IDA's NEU PC Plus Programme (Broadband-Only Scheme) or NP's Mobile Broadband Scheme. Application forms are available at SS Office at Block 4, #01-07.

Authorized Notebook Suppliers for 2015​ (*To be updated soon for 2016)

  • Asus : AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd

    Tel: 1800-274 2722 (Mon - Fri : 9am to 6pm)
    email: [email protected]

  • Dell : Dell Global B.V. (Singapore Branch)

    Tel: 6544 1212 (Mon - Sun : 11:00am to 10:00pm)
    email: [email protected]

  • Lenovo : UIC Asian Computer Services

    Tel: 6694 1011 (Mon - Sun : 12pm to 8pm)
    email: [email protected]

  • Apple : Sapura Synergy Singapore

    Tel: 8123 2868 (Mon - Fri : 9am to 6pm)
    email: [email protected]


Why Should I purchase my Notebook from the authorized suppliers? 

The Polytechnic has identified several approved suppliers who will sell Notebook computers on the campus at reasonable prices. You are strongly encouraged to buy your Notebook computer from these suppliers because you will enjoy 4 key advantages:

Advantage #1 : Collective Consumer Protection

The Polytechnic may be able to help arbitrate any genuine issue that could arise during your 3 years at NP.

Advantage #2 : Notebooks with 3-Year Warranty

The Notebooks come with a 3-Year Warranty, inclusive of all parts (including AC adapter and cord) and labour cost (exception for the battery which normally comes with 1-Year Warranty).

  • Each Notebook is accompanied by an official Letter or Certificate from the manufacturer (of the notebook computer) stating the 3-Year Warranty, inclusive of all parts (including AC adapter and cord)and labour cost, except for the battery.
  • Each Notebook will also be accompanied by a recovery CD-ROM Instructional Manual and Carrying Bag.

Advantage #3 : Next-Business Day Service

Our authorised suppliers provide after-sales services on a Next-Business Day basis on site.

Advantage #4 : Pre-loaded Software Installation Packages

The approved notebook models come with NP software.  All you need to do is access NP's Software Portal at and follow:

      (i) instructions to do a one-time registration of your notebook computer.
      (ii) further instructions to install the required software.

How many Notebooks am I allowed to purchase from the authorized suppliers?

Each student is only allowed to purchase ONE unit of Notebook, regardless from which authorised suppliers. (NP Staff may purchase Notebooks without the NP Software). 

It is necessary to show your Student Card or Staff Card when you place your order and take delivery of your Notebook from the authorized suppliers.

Am I entitled to use the software provided by Ngee Ann Polytechnic after I leave the Polytechnic?

No. All software provided by the Polytechnic must be un-installed or removed from your Notebook once you are no longer a student or staff of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

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