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 Student Achievements 


Janani, our opera star

A talented opera singer, Janani Sridhar helped put the Singapore flag in the world stage when she beat 6500 competitors from 100 countries to clinch the top prize in the 58th Llangollen International  Musical Eisteddfod (billed as the “Musical Olympics”) held in  Wales in 2004 at the tender age of 14. She has been involved in various fund raising activities to help promote the cause for needy children and has recently participated in the President's Challenge 2006 on 27 May 2006 at the Esplanade, an event aptly entitled "Janani@Esplanade", where Janani performed to a packed audience to raise fund for needy children under the Community Chest.

A first year student in the Biomedical Science (BMS) course, Janani speaks to Dr. Lau Quek Choon, her advisor and module leader for Microbiology, regarding her passion in music, what she does in her free time and why she chose to do the BMS course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Q: What made you choose Ngee Ann Polytechnic?
A: My cousin, who graduated from the Mass Communication course from Ngee Ann and is currently running a successful company herself, strongly recommended me to Ngee Ann Polytechnic when I was deciding which school to go for my further studies.

 Q: Why did you choose BMS course?
A: I have always been interested in Biology, how living things function and the research and development of medicine, so it was the most natural course to choose when I enrolled in Ngee Ann.

Q: What do you like best about your course?
A: I like the modules such as Physiology and Microbiology as through these lessons, I learn how the body works, what goes on in our bodies, and how to treat whatever ailments that  may plague us.

Q: What do you like to do during your free time?
A: (Laughter) What free time? Hmm, I do love listening to music and I read a lot.

Q: Besides your core subjects, what other activities do you participate in Ngee Ann Polytechnic?
A: I joined Dance Sport where I learn how to Ballroom Dance. Other than Dance Sport, I am also doing Ice Skating.

Q: How do you balance your time taking part in these activities and study?
A: My main priorities are my course work and music lessons. Then I spend my time on other activities. Besides Ballet and the piano, I am also learning German.

Q: What are your goals?
A: I have always been interested in music, singing and the Performing Arts since I was very young. Therefore, I have decided to pursue my passion in Classical Music, pertaining to the voice.

Q: What advise would you give to students who are considering a course in the Polytechnic?A: Step inside and see for yourself how things work. The BMS course offers a lot of interesting knowledge and useful life skills that help me understand more about myself and the living things around me.


Ready…….sing, er ….., Smile! Janani (third from left) and her friends from the first year BMS course.
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