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Photocopying, Printing, Scanning 


Self service services to support learning

Photocopying Services
Self-service copiers are located on every level using Cashcards. The Photocopying Rooms are located on level 4 and 5. Take note of the Photocopying Warning Notices in the rooms before photostating. The “fair dealing” provisions in the Copyright Act allows you to copy only :

  • either 10% (from a book without chapters) or
  • 1 chapter of a book, or
  • One article of a periodical/ magazine

    Please refer to Copyright for quantitative limits imposed on copying for study and research.

    Users may use the intercom to call the photocopying vendor for assistance if necessary. The bulk photocopying service is located on Level 2, Lifestyle Library.

    PC Laser Printing Service
    Laser printing service at 5 cents per page is available at the following locations :

  • Virtual Investment Room on Level 3 (using Ezlink) 
  • Printing Room on Level 3, Academic Library (using Ezlink and Cashcard)
  • Internet Café on Level 2, Lifestyle Library (using Ezlink) 

    Print servers have been set up in the Printing Room of the Academic Library on Level 3. Users will be able to map path from their notebooks to the Library’s print server.

    Scanning facility is located at the Virtual Investment Room, Level 3.

    Colour Photocopying & purchase of Cashcards
    Colour photocopying and purchase of Cashcards are provided at Ultra Supplies Bulk Photocopying Room. It is located inside the Library at the Lifestyle Library. (Tel: 6468 4917)





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