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  EP Module Registration:  15 January to 13 March 2015.

The Registration date for EP Foreign Languages has been extended to 13 March 2015 for incoming first-years as eEnrolment ends only on 10 March 2015.

It is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that the registration of popular IS EP classes/modules could be closed before the deadline of the registration.

You are strongly advised and encouraged to plan your activities around your IS EP class schedule to avoid any possible timetable clashes.

Registration Procedure:
All students are to register for the EP modules through the AXS machines. The steps to register at the AXS machine are as follows:

1.Select Services

2.Select NP

3.Select Full Time Diploma Students

4.Key in your Student No, then click ‘Continue’

5.Select Ad Hoc payments

6.Scroll and select the foreign language of your choice

7.Key in your contact no.

8.Proceed to make payment of $160.50 with your ATM card

Note that you should select the 101 class of the language you wish to study if you are a beginner and have not attended any previous IS Foreign Language Enhancement Programme. If you have enrolled into a 101 class previously, you should proceed to register for a 102 class.

Module Fee:
The fee for each foreign language module is $160.50 (inclusive of 7% GST). You are required to make payment in full for your fees upon registration.
* Module fee excludes cost of materials

Other Information:
2015 April-EP Registration Information.pdf

What's Related :
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Financial Assistance:
Students may apply for financial assistance at the start of each semester. Completed forms with supporting documents are to be submitted to Student Services Office, Block 4 #01-07.

AY2015 Foreign Language Grant Form.pdf

AY2015 Annex A_List of Required Docs_FLG.pdf


Please click here to view the FAQs on Foreign Language Enhancement Programmes.

For clarification, please contact Ms Trudy Tay at 6460 8376 or email us at [email protected]


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