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RHyMeS Centre
Hospitality Management
Systems Centre
(RHyMeS Centre)

RFID has traditionally been used in the manufacturing and logistics space. The RHyMeS Centre was set up to explore the application of RFID in the lifestyle, tourism and hospitality space. The Centre aims to be the leading catalyst for lifestyle and hospitality RFID innovations in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

The RHyMeS Centre is a strategic collaboration between MCIL, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Symbol Technologies Asia, Inc., and Sun Microsystems Pte Ltd. An MOU amongst the parties was signed on 23 January 2006, which led to the set up and launch of the RHyMeS Centre in Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 18 July 2006.

Signing of RHyMeS MOU on 23 Jan 2006 Official Opening of RHyMeS Centre on 18 Jul 2006
An acronym for RFID Hospitality Management Systems, the RHyMeS Centre aims to be the leading catalyst for lifestyle and hospitality RFID innovations in Singapore and the Asia Pacific. It will focus on the research and development of RFID applications, as well as the development of consultancy and training programmes in RFID and complementary technologies for the sector, to be deployed across the region in the long term.
Focus of the RHyMeS Centre

Located at the eGarage of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the RHyMeS Centre will focus on developing RFID applications for enhancing customer service, enriching the guest experience, and empowering operations efficiency and effectiveness in the hospitality industry, over the next three years. Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in January 2006, applications developed at the centre will be evaluated and deployed in Millennium & Copthorne International’s hotel and resort properties across Asia.

Conceptual RFID-enabled Hotel Room
Collaborating With Our Partners

The partners contribute resources and expertise to support the set-up of the RHyMeS Centre and the research and development activities at the centre. Symbol Technology contributes equipment for the set up of the centre, including wireless infrastructure, RFID-enabled mobile devices, RFID antennas and readers, tags, software and technical expertise. Sun Microsystems contributes equipment for the centre, including Sun server and thin clients, Sun Application Server, RFID middleware and technical expertise. Millennium & Copthorne International contributes furnishing for the hotel showcase, domain expertise in the lifestyle and hospitality management and their international chain of hotel and resort properties for pilot deployment. Ngee Ann Polytechnic contributes to the research and development expertise, project management as well as the set up and the operations management of the centre.
A photosynth of RHyMeS Centre

(Use the directional arrows for a 360 degree view of the centre)

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Contact Us

If you have enquiries on the RHyMeS Centre, please feel free to contact us:
Mr. Charles Keck 
RHyMeS Centre Manager
DID: (65) 6460-8936
Email: [email protected]
Directions to RHyMeS Centre

The RHyMeS Centre is located at:

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
School of InfoComm Technology
535 Clementi Road
Block 31 #02-10
Singapore 599489

Location map to the RHyMeS Centre
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