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Ipods for our Nursing Students. We have successfully rollout our next generation mobile learning on Ipod touch for all our HSN Students. Currently, our HSN students are using their PDAs/Ipods in both classroom setting and clinical areas.
In order to serve you better, we have now added another mean for you to book an appointment for your eye checkup! Instead of calling up, you can now make an online pre-booking. Follow this link to find out more!
To all freshmen/women, enrolment are done in batches. As of today 10/04/2014 there are about 90 students who have been accepted but not yet enrolled. You will be enrolled within the next few days. Don't Panic!
Freshmen, start here to collect your timetable for the Freshmen Orientation Week. Your timetable will be slightly different from the rest of the semester due to orientation talks and activities. Please check after first week of April.
Calling all HSN and OPT students. The application for bursaries and Grants are now open. Do apply before the 30th of April.

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