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School of Business & Accountacy Business & Accountancy Design & Environment Design & Environment School of Engineering Engineering School of Film & Media Studies Film & Media Studies
School of Health Sciences Health Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences School of Infocomm Technology InfoComm Technology School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology Life Sciences & Chemical Technology

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School of Business & Accountancy
Accountancy (N51) International Trade & Business (N85)  Download Course Brochure
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Banking & Financial Services (N53) Tourism & Resort Management (N72)

Business Studies (N45)

School of Design & Environment
Hotel & Leisure Facilities
Management (N40)
Real Estate Business (N48) Download Course Brochure
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Product Design & Innovation (N68) Sustainable Urban Design &
Engineering (N89)


School of Health Sciences
Health Sciences (Nursing) (N69) Download Course Brochure
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Optometry (N83)

School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Arts Business Management (N91) Chinese Studies (N70) Download Course Brochure
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Business & Social Enterprise (N79) Early Childhood Education (N66)
Child Psychology & Early Education (N86) Psychology Studies (N77)
Chinese Media & Communication (N88) Tamil Studies with Early
Education (N95)

School of Infocomm Technology
Animation & 3D Arts (N92) Information Technology (N54) Download Course Brochure
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Financial Informatics (N81) Immersive Media & Game Design revamped!.jpg
Information Security & Forensics (N94)

School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology
Biomedical Science (N59) Molecular Biotechnology (N49) Download Course Brochure
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Chemical & Biomolecular
Engineering (N56)
Pharmacy Science (N73)
Environmental & Water Technology (N74) Veterinary Bioscience (N90)
Landscape Design & Horticulture (N57)

All Courses & Specialisations

School of Business & Accountancy Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Accountancy (N51) With electives in Finance, Business or International Business
Banking & Financial Services (N53)With electives in Electronic Business Applications, Human Resource Management and International Economics & Finance
Business Studies (N45)Specialise in Entrepreneurship, Human Capital Management or Marketing
International Trade & Business (N85)International Business Exploration and Study Trip (IBEST) 
Tourism & Resort Management (N72) Focus on four sectors: Hospitality, Leisure & Lifestyle, MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conventions & Exhibitions) and Travel Industries


School of Design & Environment Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Hotel & Leisure Facilities
Management (N40)
Focus on hotel management, shopping mall management, business management and new technologies in managing hotel and leisure facilities
Product Design & Innovation (N68) Focus on a combination of creative art, design technology and business
Real Estate Business (N48) Focus on real estate management, business, law, marketing and technology
Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering (N89) Specialise in Architecture or Sustainable Technologies

School of Engineering Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Aerospace Electronics (N75) Minor in Business Management
Aerospace Technology (N65) Specialise in Aerospace Design, Aviation Management or Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul; or Minor in Business Management
Audio-visual Technology (N76) Electives in Music Theory & Synthesis, Fundamentals of Sound Design, Sound Design for Live Performances; or Minor in Business Management
Automation & Mechatronic
Systems (N50)
Specialise in Aerospace Systems, Industrial Systems, or Marine & Offshore Systems; or Minor in Business Management
Biomedical Engineering (N60) Minor in Business Management
Clean Energy Management (N84) Focus on solar technology and energy efficiency & management
Electrical Engineering (N43) Specialise in Audio-visual Technology, Electric Transport, Marine & Offshore Electrical Systems, Electronics, Engineering Management, Engineering Product Development, Power Engineering or Solar Technology; or Minor in Business Management
Electronic & Computer Engineering (N44) Specialise in Aerospace Electronics, Computer & Mobile Technology, Digital Media & Communication, Microelectronics, or Network Systems & Security; or Minor in Business Management
Engineering with Business Management Programme (N71)Choice of nine engineering diplomas with Business Management modules that cover Financial Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc.
Engineering Science (N93)Specialise in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Automation & Mechatronic Systems.
Marine & Offshore Technology (N42) Specialise in Design or Oil & Gas; or Minor in Business Management
Mechanical Engineering (N41)Specialise in Design Innovation, Environment & Energy Systems, Automotive Technology & Motorsports, or Biomedical Applications; or Minor in Business Management
Network Systems & Security (N64)Specialise in Network & Cloud Architecture, or Data Security & Forensics

School of Film & Media Studies Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Advertising & Public Relations (N87) Focus on agency-based learning
Visual Effects (N78) Focus on creating digital visual effects for the film industry and offers training in Stereoscopic 3D filmmaking
Film, Sound & Video (N82) With electives in Advanced Scripting, Advanced Producing, Advanced Audio Production, Advanced Cinematography, Advanced Editing, and Directing
Mass Communication (N67) Specialise in Advertising & Public Relations, Journalism & Publishing, Broadcast Media, or Digital Media Communication

School of Health Sciences Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Health Sciences (Nursing) (N69) With exposure to biomedical science, clinical trials & research, drug discovery and behavioural sciences
Optometry (N83) With off-campus classes delivered by industry partners

School ofHumanities & Social Sciences Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Arts Business Management (N91) Electives in performing skills and studio practice to provide more in-depth learning of various art forms
Business & Social Enterprise (N79) Combined focus on business and social sciences
Child Psychology & Early Education (N86) Specialise in Earl y Intervention (Special Needs) or Early Literacy
Chinese Media & Communication (N88) Focus on bilingual media training including Chinese print media, radio, TV and new media
Chinese Studies (N70) Choice of three learning pathways: Education Track, Business Chinese Track, or Chinese Early Childhood Teaching Track
Early Childhood Education (N66) With two professional qualifications - teaching and leadership
Psychology Studies (N77) Focus on different aspects of psychology with applied skills in clinical, counselling and research settings
Tamil Studies with Early Education (N95)

School of Infocomm Technology Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Animation & 3D Arts (N92) Specialise in Character Animation, or 3D Arts
Financial Informatics (N81) Specialise in Banking & Finance or Financial Analytics
Information Security & Forensics (N94) Focus on comprehensive training in secure software development
Information Technology (N54)

Focus in Games Programming, Infocomm Sales & Marketing, Mobile Business Application, Business Management, Solutions Architect, Business & Data Analytics, or Cloud Computing
Immersive Media & Game Design (N55)revamped!.jpg Specialise in Game Design or Immersive Interactive Media

School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology Specialisations / Electives / Focus Areas
Biomedical Science (N59) Specialise in Biomedical Research, Clinical Laboratory Technology or Medicinal Chemistry (includes Forensic Science)
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (N56) Specialise in General Chemical Engineering or Pharma & Biopharmaceutical
Environmental & Water Technology (N74) Focus on water technology, renewable energy, waste management & resource conservation, and pollution monitoring & control
Landscape Design & Horticulture (N57) Focus on landscape design, plant science and horticulture management
Molecular Biotechnology (N49) Specialise in Biopharmaceutical or Forensic Science
Pharmacy Science (N73) With electives in Complementary Medicine & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cosmetic & Perfumery Science, and Nutrition & Dietetic Science
Veterinary Bioscience (N90) Combined focus on bioscience and veterinary science

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