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​​​​​​​​​​​EXAM MATTERS​

Examination Notices for Part-time Students


Activity​​ Date

Release of Tentative Examination Timetables - Date & Time (via NPal)

21 November 2017

Release of Individualized Examination Timetables – Venue and Seat No. (via NPal)

29 January 2018

Examination Period

6 - 14 February 2018

Release of Examination Results (via NPal system and mStudent mobile apps)

16 March 2018

Review of Examination Results

19 - 22 March 2018 (9am to 6pm)

Appeal against Dismissal/Appeal for Transfer of Course

19 - 22 March 2018 (9am to 6pm)

Term Commencement, Semester 1, AY 2018/2019

16 April 2018 (Monday)​



Students are advised to check their examination timetables carefully to avoid misreading of the date and time. They will be deemed to have failed the module if they are absent from the examination. Students are to print their individualized timetable before the examination. No seating plan will be displayed during the examinations.​


​ ​


  1. A deposit of $25 is payable per module.

  2. Payment at the AXS station : Payment can be made by ATM card at AXS stations. Please staple the payment receipt to this form and submit to CET Academy (Blk 50 #01-01).

  3. Payment by Nets : Payment can be made by Nets at CET Academy Counter from 9am to 6pm. Please staple the payment receipt to this form and submit it to CET Academy.

  4. All applications for review must be submitted to CET Academy by Thursday, 22 March 2018, 6pm.

  5. Late application will not be considered.

  6. The review will be conducted by the academic school and student will be informed of the outcome within 3 weeks after the review period.

  7. ​ If the result is not amended after the review, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit shall be refunded if the result is revised.

  8. The review decision is final and no further reviews are allowed. ​


​ ​APPEALS​ > [Appeals Form]

  1. ​Appeal against dismissal and appeal for transfer of course must be submitted to the Director of School/Division or CET Academy by Thursday, 22 March 2018, 6pm.

  2. Late appeals will not be considered.

  3. Student will be informed of the outcome by mail within 3 weeks after the appeal period.

  4. All appeals must be supported by documentary evidence, where appropriate.

  5. No further appeals are allowed if the appeal is unsuccessful.​​


For Part-​Time Courses

General Rules of Conduct for Students

  1. All students must conduct themselves in a proper manner and observe all the rules and regulations governing the examination. Failure to comply with any of the rules and regulations shall render students liable to disciplinary action.
    Any attempt to cheat will be referred to the Polytechnic Student Disciplinary Committee (PSDC). Punishment includes suspension or even expulsion from the Polytechnic.​​

  2. To minimise disruptions, students are advised to use the washrooms prior to the start of the examinations. Students must enter the examination venue at 9.40 am (morning session), 2.40 pm (afternoon session) and 6.40 pm (evening session) and be seated by 9.50 am, 2.50 pm, or 6.50 pm respectively. Students who arrive after 9.50 am (morning session), 2.50 pm (afternoon session) or 6.50 pm (evening session) will be allowed to enter the examination venue only at 10.00 am (morning session), 3.00 pm (afternoon session), or 7.00 pm (evening session) respectively when the examination starts.

  3. Latecomers arriving 45 minutes after the examination has commenced will not be allowed to sit for the examination. No student is allowed to leave the examination venue during the ​ first 60 minutes after the start of the examination and during the last 10 minutes of the examination.

  4. ​​Do not smoke, drink or eat in or near the examination venues; do not communicate by word of mouth or otherwise with other students during the examination. Students are required to be properly and decently dressed in the examination venue.

  5. ​Place the student card on the right hand corner of the desk for identification. If the student card is lost, student is required to report to CET Academy as soon as possible for a replacement (charges apply). 

  6. To prevent personal belongings from being lost during the examination, students are advised not to bring any valuable items to the examination venue. These may be deposited in the e-lockers located around the campus.

    Please note: Students are to place their bags/belongings, without any valuable items, at the front of the examination venue before proceeding to their seats. Should students have their wallets, handphones or laptops (switched off mode) with them when seated, these have to be placed under their seat.

  7. Students are only allowed to use calculators with no communication, text–editing or programming capabilities during the examinations. Students are not allowed to use ele​ctronic dictionaries/translators and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) during examinations.

    Guidelines on the use of Calculators in Examina​tions
    i.​​Only calculators that SOLELY perform numerical, scientific and/or financial calculations are allowed.
    ii.The calculator must be silent, with a visual display only.
    iii.No unauthorised materials, e.g. instruction leaflets, formulae printed on the lid or cover of a calculator or similar materials, must be in the possession of students during the examination.
    iv.No programmable calculators, including graphing/graphic calculators are allowed. Programmable calculators are calculators that allow the user to write and store programmes in the calculators.
    v.No calculators with permanent features of a programmed kind are allowed e.g. calculators capable of numerical integration, numerical differentiation, and/or expressing in irrational number form.
    vi.No calculators with communication features are allowed, e.g. calculators with the capability of remote communication via infra-red, blue-tooth or other communication media with other machines.
    vii.No calculators with capabilities for storing and displaying graphic and/or audio information are allowed.
    viii.Some examples of Unacceptable Calculator Models include Casio FX-9860G, Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-84 Plus (this is not an exhaustive list).

  8. ​Do not bring into the examination venue any equipment, book, paper, written document or drawing, unless authorized to do so. If students are found handling unauthorized materials, including calculators with written notes/formulae, these will be confiscated and students will be referred to the PSDC. If students have inadvertently brought any unauthorized material into the examination venue, they are required to surrender it immediately.​

  9. Students are advised to check the question paper to ensure that the correct and complete set is given with no missing pages. Students are reminded to write the Question No. in the 'Questions Attempted' column on the cover page of the answer book. 

  10. On completion of the examination, students are not permitted to remove any written paper, unused stationery or any materials supplied for use in the examination except the question paper. If students should remove any answer book or paper from the examination venue, the answer book/paper will not be accepted for grading.


Breach of Examination Regulations

All students must conduct themselves in a proper manner and observe all rules and regulations governing the examination. Students who fail to comply with any of the rules and regulations will be liable for disciplinary action. Where the Polytechnic Student Disciplinary Committee (PSDC) is satisfied that a student has breached any provision of the Rules and Regulations, the student will be deemed to have committed an offence and the PSDC may take action as deemed fit. Punishment includes suspension or even expulsion from the Polytechnic.


Absence from Examinations

Attendance at the semestral examination is compulsory. A student who is absent throughout the whole examination period, without permission (i.e. absent from all module examination papers for which the student is required to sit) shall be deemed to have sat and failed the examinations and shall not be permitted to continue the course.​
  1. ​If a student is unable to attend an examination due to sudden illness, a valid Medical Certificate (MC) (from a Government Doctor or registered Medical Practitioner) must be submitted within 48 hours to your School/Division Director or CET Academy, failing which, the MC will not be considered. MCs issued after the date of absence of examination are not acceptable. An exception is hospitalisation cases where the MC must be submitted within 48 hours after discharge from hospital.
  2. If absence is due to any emergency or other unavoidable circumstances, the student must set out all the relevant circumstances which prevented his attendance and forward documentary evidence in support of his explanation, also within 48 hours, to his School/Division Director or CET Academy.


Policy On Absence From Examinations For Diploma Courses​​

Absence from examinations is classified under three categories. The policy for dealing with each category is as follows:​

Category A – Absence Without Valid Reason
  • Students who are absent from an examination without reason are deemed to have failed even if they have obtained 50 marks or more for the module from the coursework component alone;
  • This failed module will be included in the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA).
Category B – Absence With Valid Reasons
  • The following are considered valid reasons:
    i. Hospitalisation.
    ii. Medical leave.
    iii. Death of immediate family member, i.e. spouse, parent, sibling or grandparent.
    iv. Participation in approved local/overseas events.
    v. Involved in accident, court case or adverse circumstances such as floods.
  • Students are allowed to sit for test/viva exam upon appeal.
  • A grade will be awarded based on the combined results from coursework and the test/viva exam; the grade obtained will be included in the computation of the GPA.
Category C – Special Cases
  • All other cases not covered under Categories A and B shall be classified as Special Cases and be subject to special consideration by the School/Division Board of Examiners (BOE).
  • The School/Division BOE will decide, on a case-by-case basis whether an appeal is to be accepted and how the grade for the module will be determined.


Examin​ation Grades

The examination in each module may include written, oral and practical tests.

The pass mark for any graded module shall be 50%. The following grades will be awarded for passes in modules in the semestral examination both for first and repeat attempts :

Grades Grade Point Description
B+3.5Very Good
B3.0Very Good
PX-Pass in modules graded "Pass" or "Fail" only​

* The distinction grade may be awarded to the top 5% of the students who have taken the module and have obtained at least an 'A' grade for the module.



​​Graduating Students

For certification purpose, a statement "Passed and completed the diploma course" will be printed in the Statement of Results.​

Academic transcripts will be issued with the diploma certificates at the May 2018 Graduation Ceremony. Details will be sent to all graduating students nearer the date.