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About Skills-Based Modular Course

The Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMCs) are bite-sized part-time courses for individuals to acquire new skills or deepen relevant skills, without the need to pursue a full diploma.

The SBMCs are modules selected from part-time diploma programmes and candidates may choose to complete the remaining modules within the validity period to be awarded the full diploma qualification. The validity period is 5 years for a CET Diploma, up to 4 years for an Advanced Diploma, and 2 years for a Specialist Diploma and Diploma (Conversion).


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To determine the minimum entry requirements, please refer to the module page below. Applicants who do not meet the grade requirements but are assessed as potentially suitable candidates may be considered for entrance tests. Applicants with skills and knowledge from prior learning are also encouraged to apply.

Course Fee ic_coursefees.png

Singapore Citizens enrolled in Skills-Based Modular Courses will receive the same level of subsidies as the equivalent part-time qualification. There is no cap on the number of Skills-Based Modular Courses that Singapore Citizens can be funded for.

Individuals may use their SkillsFuture Credit (given to Singapore Citizens aged 25 & above) to defray the course fee.

To view the course fee structure, please click

 Here. for Part Time Diploma SBMC fees or

 Here for Post Diploma Programme SBMC fees


Upon successful completion of the Skills-Based Modular Course, students will receive a Statement of Results. Skills-Based Modular Courses completed can be considered for credit exemption for the corresponding CET Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Specialist Diploma.

List of Skills-Based Modular Courses (Stackable)

If the application period is closed, you will be directed to our mailing list.

Business, Finance & Accounting 
Part-time Diploma in Business Practice (Administration & Management) 
Accounting & FinanceApply Now
Business Analytics​​Apply Now
​Business Communications​Apply Now
Business Innovation & StrategyApply Now
​Business ManagementApply Now
Business Planning & AdministrationApply Now
Business StatisticsApply Now
Cost & Managerial Accounting​Apply Now
​Customer Relationship ManagementApply Now
Decision Support ApplicationsApply Now
Human Capital Management​​Apply Now
Social Media Marketing & Communications​​Apply Now
Social Media - Metrics & Analytics​​​Apply Now
​Social Media Strategies​​Apply Now
Service Operations ManagementApply Now
​Principles Of Economics​​Apply Now
Principles Of Business Law​​​Apply Now
Principles of MarketingApply Now
Part-time Diploma in Business Practice (International Supply Chain Management) 
Chemical LogisticsApply Now
​Cold Chain Logistics​​​Apply Now
​Distribution & Transportation ServicesApply Now
Fundamentals Of Operations & Logistics​​​Apply Now
International Purchasing Management​​​Apply Now
International Trade Management​Apply Now
​Inventory Planning & ControlApply Now
Maritime LogisticsApply Now
Materials Planning & ControlApply Now
​Projects & Events LogisticsApply Now
Supply Chain Management ​Apply Now
​Warehousing & Materials HandlingApply Now
Specialist Diploma in Consumer Banking​​
Consumer Banking Analytics​Apply Now
Consumer Banking Branch Operations & ControlApply Now
Consumer Banking Digital Marketing & Channel DesignApply Now
​Consumer Banking Products & DevelopmentApply Now
Part-time Diploma in Engineering (Aerospace) 
Aerospace Fundamentals ​Apply Now
Aircraft Environment & Auxiliary SystemsTBA
Aircraft Propulsion Systems ​Apply Now
Aircraft Structures and Mechanics TBA
Aircraft Systems ​​​TBA
Airworthiness Legislation and Quality Systems Apply Now
Avionics Theory & Systems Apply Now
Aerospace Computer Aided DesignApply Now
Aerospace Maintenance PracticesApply Now
Aerospace Materials And ProcessesApply Now
Aircraft Electrical SystemsApply Now
Basic Electricity And ElectronicsApply Now
Flight MechanicsApply Now
​Mechanics Of FluidApply Now
Propulsion FundamentalsApply Now
Part-time Diploma in Engineering (Electrical)         
​Analog Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
AC Technology & ApplicationsTBA
Basic Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
Control System Formulation & Analysis​​​TBA
DC Technology & ApplicationsTBA
​Digital Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
Distribution System Design TBA
Distribution System and Protection TBA
​Electrical Circuit Analysis​​​TBA
Electrical Machinery TBA
Microcontroller Programming​​​TBA
Industrial Control & Automation TBA
Electrical Circuit Analysis​​​TBA
Power Electronics & Applications TBA
​Sensor & Instrumentation System​​​TBA
Part-time Diploma in Engineering (Electronics) 
AC Technology & Applications​​​TBA
Analog Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
​Basic Routing & Switching​​​TBA
Basic Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
Control System Formulation & Analysis​​​TBA
​Communication Systems​​​TBA
​DC Technology & Applications​​​TBA
​Digital Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
Digital Signal Processing & Applications​​​TBA
Microcontroller Programming & Applications​​​TBA
​Practical Electronics With Application To Control SystemsTBA
Internetworking Essentials TBA
Part-time Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical)       
Advanced Manufacturing Systems & Management TBA
​​Automotive Electrics And Sensor Technology​​​TBA
​Automotive Engine Technology​​​TBA
Automotive Powertrain And Chassis Technology​​​TBA
Computer Aided 3D Design TBA
Computer Aided Engineering Drafting TBA
​​Engineering Materials​​​TBA
​Engineering MechanicsApply Now
Fluid Mechanics​​​TBA
Industrial Automation Apply Now
​​Manufacturing Processes​​​TBA
​Mechanics Of Machines​​​TBA
​Mechanical Design​​​TBA
Piping Design​​​TBA
Power Hydraulics Apply Now
Strength Of Materials​​​​TBA
Thermodynamics Apply Now
Part-time Diploma in Engineering (Mechatronics) 
​Basic Microcontroller ProgrammingApply Now
Computer Aided 3D DesignTBA
Computer ProgrammingApply Now
Communication & Vision Systems ​​​Apply Now
​Electrical & Electronic Drawing & CadApply Now
​Electrical TechnologyApply Now
Engineering Mechanics​Apply Now
Industrial Automation Apply Now
Industrial Drive System ​​​TBA
Instrumentation & ControlApply Now
Power Hydraulics Apply Now
Unmanned Systems ​​​Apply Now
Mechanical Design​​​TBA
​Strength Of Materials​​​TBA
Mechanical Aspects of Mechatronic Systems​​​TBA
Microcontroller Interfacing & Applications​​​TBA
Digital Electronics & Applications​​​TBA
​Part-time Diploma in Engineering ( Marine)
Engineering Materials​​​TBA
Engineering MechanicsApply Now
Fluid Mechanics​​​TBA
Mechanics Of Machines​​​TBA
Piping Design​​​TBA
Strength Of Materials​​​TBA
Thermodynamics​Apply Now

Fundamentals Of Hydrostatics


Fundamentals Of Naval Architecture Analysis


Marine Design


​​Marine Engineering Systems


Marine Production Technology


Marine Project Management


Offshore Drilling And Structures


Offshore Production Technology

Diploma (Conversion) in Marine and Offshore Technology 
Fundamentals of Marine Engineering Apply Now
Fundamentals of Marine Offshore Design Apply Now
Fundamentals of Naval Architecture Apply Now
Fundamentals of Offshore Engineering Apply Now
Fundamentals of Offshore Oil & Gas Technology Apply Now
Specialist Diploma in Electrical Design & Operation
Electrical Project ManagementApply Now
Electrical System DesignApply Now
Operation and Maintenance of Electrical SystemApply Now
Testing and Commissioning of Electrical SystemApply Now
​Specialist Diploma in Marine Production
Marine Production Process​​​TBA
Yard Layout Design​​​TBA
Marine Commissioning​​​TBA
Marine Specialization in Hull, Outfitting & Shipwright​​​TBA
​Specialist Diploma in Sustainable Facilities Management
​Applied Property ManagementApply Now
Building Services ManagementApply Now
​Fire Safety ManagementApply Now
Green Building ManagementApply Now
​Workplace Health & Risk ManagementApply Now
Health, Life Sciences & Chemical Technology 
Advanced Diploma in Medical & Pharmaceutical TechnologyCourse Schedule (5-day and evening courses)
Applied Genomics & Proteomics ​Apply Now
Biochemical & Pharmaceutical Analyses Apply Now
​Cell BiologyApply Now
cGMP Compliance Apply Now
Downstream ProcessingApply Now
Drug FormulationApply Now
Mammalian Cell Culture Apply Now
Microbiology Apply Now
Molecular Biology Apply Now
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Apply Now
QA & Documentation Apply Now
QC Analytics Apply Now
Upstream ProcessingApply Now
Validation Apply Now
Specialist Diploma in Analytical Science  Course Schedule (5-day and evening courses)
Chemical Safety Apply Now
QA & QC Apply Now
Gas Chromatography Apply Now
Environmental Testing Apply Now
Mass SpectrometryApply Now
Liquid ChromatographyApply Now
Specialist Diploma in Community Gerontology Nursing
​Applied Pathophysiology and PharmacologyTBA
Clinical Practicum in Community Gerontology Nursing​TBA
Health Assessment and Clinical Decision MakingsTBA
Primary, Home Healthcare and Palliative Care Nursing​Apply Now
Principles & Concepts of Community Gerontology Nursing​Apply Now
Specialist Diploma in Palliative Care Nursing 
Communication & Psychosocial Skills  ​Apply Now
Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Clinical PracticeCourse Schedule 
Emergency and Critical CareApply Now
Pain Management and Anaesthesia ​Apply Now
Veterinary Practice Management ​Apply Now
Pet Industry Operations and RegulationsApply Now
Veterinary Products and ServicesApply Now
Shelter ManagementApply Now
Information and Digital Technologies
Specialist Diploma in Digital Branding & Social Media Strategies
Creative Content Development TBA
​Data Analytics​Apply Now
Integrated Marketing & Brand ManagementTBA
​Issues & Crisis ManagementTBA
Social Media StrategiesApply Now
Advanced Diploma in Enterprise Business Analytics
Business Performance Analytics​TBA
Data Design & Analytics ​Apply Now
​Data Visualization & AnalyticsTBA
Descriptive Analytics       

​Apply Now

Predictive Analytics

​​Apply Now

Social Media Marketing & Web Analytics​TBA
Specialist Diploma in Consumer and Performance Analytics  
Business Performance Analytics​TBA
Data Design & AnalyticsApply Now
​Data Visualization & AnalyticsTBA
Social Media Marketing & Web AnalyticsTBA
Diploma (Conversion) In Digital Media Design 
Digital Media Principles and Practices
Digital Publishing
New Media Design
Social Media Marketing
Visual Design
Humanities & Social Sciences 
Part-time Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education - Teaching 
The Child and the Creative Curriculum Apply Now
Children's Health and Socio-emotional Well-being  Apply Now
The Developing Child (|)TBA
The Developing Child (||) Apply Now
Early Mathematics  Apply Now
Environment and Social Awareness in Children  Apply Now
Infant and Toddler Learning Environment  Apply Now
Language & Literacy Apply Now
The Learning Environment and Classroom Management  Apply Now
Principles and Practices in Early Education Apply Now
Working with the Family and Communities (Apr 2018) Apply Now
Working with the Exceptional Child  Apply Now
Diploma (Conversion) in Early Childhood Teaching
Aesthetics Expressions in Young ChildrenTBA
Assessment and Support for LearningTBA
​Child Development and Early Childhood EducationTBA
Creating and Managing the Learning EnvironmentTBA
Curriculum Planning and ResoucesTBA
Discovery of the WorldTBA
Individual Differences in LearningTBA
Language & LiteracyTBA
Motor Skills Development in Young ChildrenTBA
​Numeracy in the Early YearsTBA
Partnership with Families and CommunitiesTBA
Personal Growth and Professional DevelopmentTBA
Safety, Health, Hygiene and NutritionTBA
Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership 
Collaborative Leadership Apply Now
Instructional Leadership Apply Now
Leadership in ECCE Settings Apply Now
Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching & Learning
​A Child-centred Approach to Teaching & LearningTBA
Reflective TeachingTBA
Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Special Needs) 
Assessment, Evaluation and Programming TBA
Early Years Curricula and Intervention Strategies I (Apr 2017) TBA
Typical and Atypical Early Childhood Development TBA
Working Collaboratively with Parents and Other Professionals (Oct 2017) TBA
Issues and Trends in Special Needs and Early Childhood InterventionTBA
Early Literacy and NumeracyTBA
Early Years Curricula and Intervention Strategies II (Candidates need to complete preceding course, Strategies I)TBA
Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Learning Support 
Constructing a Meaningful Educational Setting Apply Now
Principles of Assessment Apply Now
Professional Roles in Educational Support Apply Now
Specialist Diploma in Speech Training, Storytelling and Literacy Teaching 
Speech Training for Preschool Educators Apply here
Storytelling for Preschool Teaching and Learning Apply here
Assessment of Literacy and Language Skills Apply here
Language Acquisition through Process Drama Apply here