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Skills-Based Modular Course

What is the aim of the skills based modular unit courses?
Skills-Based Modular Courses gives you the flexiblity to develop new skills or deepen specific skills without the need to pursue a full qualification.​
Is the Skills-Based Modular Courses based on the modules in the CET Diploma/Post-Diploma Programmes?
There are two categories of Skills-Based Modular Courses:
  • Stackable towards a Diploma or Post-Diploma
  • Not stackable​
Stackable Skills-Based Modular Courses are the same modules from Diploma or Post-Diploma courses. They have the same attendance requirements and academic rigour. You will attend the same classes as those enrolled for the Modular/Post-Diploma Certificates and the full Diplo​ma/Post-Diploma.
What if I do not meet the minimum entry requirements of the CET Diploma or Post-Diploma course? Can I still apply for the modular unit course from that Diploma/Post-Diploma?
You may be considered for acceptance if you do not meet the entry requirements but is assessed by CET Academy as a potentially suitable candidate.​
How many modular units will enjoy funding subsidy?
There is no cap on the number of modular unit courses that Singapore Citizens can take and be funded for.
Will I be able to take all the modular unit courses I have applied for?
Modular unit courses are allocated based on availability and lesson schedule. You may not be allocated all your selected/preferred subjects.​
Can I stack up the modular unit courses to the full diploma or post-diploma courses?
Yes, you can stack up modular units towards a Modular Certificate/Post-Diploma Certificate, and subsequently to a full qualification.

Modular unit credits count towards the attainment of the full qualification within the validity period. The validity period is 5 years for a Diploma Course, 2 years for Specialist Diploma and Diploma (Conversion) and 4 years for an Advanced Diploma Course.

You would need to apply for the full time diploma or post-diploma course. Your application will be subject to minimum entry requirements and availability of vacancies.
What qualification will I get upon successful completion?
​​Name of Course Completed​Qualification
​Full-Diploma or Post-Diploma​Diploma, Diploma (Conversion) , Specialist Diploma or Advanced Diploma
​Modular or Post-Dioploma Certificate​Module Certificate or Post-Diploma Certificate
​Skill Based Modular Unit​​Statement of Results

SkillsFuture Credit

How do I apply for SkillsFuture Credit?
​Please visit the online User Guide