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Since 1985, CET has been customising courses from a wide range of high quality training programmes for companies to address their needs.

Customised training is a cost-effective way to provide practical and relevant staff training aligned with the company's mission and values. It also keeps employees up-to-date on industry developments, helping companies to maintain a competitive edge.

Field trips, real case studies and projects are integrated into the programmes. Real-life cases encountered at the workplace can also be drawn upon for discussion, which allow employees to understand the issues better and provide innovative strategies and solutions together.

Staff attending courses organised by the company enjoy a greater sense of professional development which will encourage more cohesive workplace relations and greater employee contribution. Below is a sample list of regular customised courses run by CET for companies.

List of Customised Courses

  • Building Maintenance Technology
  • Risk Assessment & Lab Safety
  • Introduction to Molecular Biology
  • Introduction to Wafer Fabrication
  • Marine Project Management for Supervisors
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Fundamentals of Ship Repair, New Build & Offshore Ship system
  • Basics of Ships & Offshore Production
  • Fire Safety in Buildings
  • Basic Automotive Technology

SSG Funding

Companies may apply for broad-based funding for customised programmes from SSG subject to SSG eligibility criteria & approval. Please visit SSG website at for details.

Application Process

  • Complete and email the Customized Course Training Requirement.pdf to
  • We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your organisation’s training needs.
  • A proposal based on your requirements will be drafted for your organisation. Please be assured that the contents can be fine-tuned along the way to fit your needs.
  • When your organisation is satisfied with the proposed training programme, you formally accept the proposal by signing and returning the Acceptance Form (attached in the proposal) to CET Academy.