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One Stop Information Desktop

Navigating the Student eServices

Highlights of the Student eServices

Grouping of information & finding your way around
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How to Add New Personal Links?
How to Edit A Personal Link?
How to Delete A Personal Link?

Security : Auto Logout after 20 Mins

Feedback on the Student eServices

 One Stop Information Desktop

The Student eServices provides a single interface to the various different online services and information resources on campus. The advantage of the intranet is in the richness of personalised information to facilitate staff and students in their daily tasks.

Information common to all would be system alerts, campus announcements, links to campuswide services, departmental pages (if any), announcements. Personalised information would be your own email, library loans, fines, academic timetable and personal bookmarks. "Rate this site" will help the campus gauge the usefulness of various services.

Students would be able to access their timetables, eLearning modules, NPal Student records, staff directory, staff accessibility, mentor list, student discussion eforum, buy-n-sell marketplace. Search is a feature which allows students to search information within NP Website, Student Intranet, the World Wide websites or all of the above.

 Navigating the Student eServices

The Student Intranet runs off the Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may click on any link on the page. Services and information are clustered into different pages, as shown below. Here you can see the pages "eServices", "TimeTable", "Library Loan”, "NPal Clips", “Staff Search" and “Sch & Dept ”.

Portlets/Webparts are the little boxes of information that you see on a page. The title is on the left and the controls are on the right.

 Highlights of the Student eServices

The Student eServices is a "personalised" web space for everyone. The page contents and information vary from person to person. In the Student eServices, individuals will be able to:

  • Amend and Create your own Links to other websites via the 'My Links' webpart
  • Check your Library loan status and whether you've incurred any fines
  • Access to your NPNet mail
  • Check Campus Announcements

Special eServices for Students are:

  • View their semestral or exam timetable
  • Look for Staff and their availability on campus
  • Check out their Mentors View Enrichment Programs available and many more
 Grouping of information & finding your way around
Student eServices

1 . The default page you see is " eServices ".


2 . Information like your Semestral and Exam Timetable is available under " TimeTable ".

3 . The " Staff Search " page allows you to search for your lecturers and other staff members of Ngee Ann.
To perform a Staff Search,

  1. Select the department from the drop down list or leave it as All Departments to search across All Departments.
  2. Enter the full/partial name of the Staff or his/her Staff ID into the Search Staff field and click the Submit button.
* Take note that the Search Staff field is mandatory and cannot be left blank.


4 . The " Search " is a feature which contains links to NP Public Sites, BA Web, ICT Web, SOE Web, TLC Web and Google.
Selecting All Sites - Exclude Google will allow you to search information across all mentioned sites except Google.


5. Use "My Links" to manage your favourite links, you can add/edit/delete existing ones here.

To Add Your Personal Links:

Step 1: Click on "My Links" on the Home tab:

Step 2: Enter Site Name & Site URL details & then click "Add" button.

Repeat the above step to add more new links.

REMARKS: After completion, please click on "eServices" (breadcrumb located at the top left corner of the page) to exit.

To Edit A Personal Link:

Step 1 : Click " Edit " next to the identified entry.

Step 2 : Amend where necessary and click " Update " to save Changes. To abort the changes, click " Cancel ".

To Delete A Personal Link:

Step 1 : Click " Delete " next to the identified entry.

Step 2 : Confirm the deletion by clicking on " OK ".

 Security : Auto Logout after 20 Mins

From the results of our eMail Poll in Feb 2005, we're pleased to inform you that the inactivity time-out period for Student eMail has been revised to 1-hour.

When accessing your NPNet mailbox directly, your session will only time out after 1 hour of inactivity. This means that you can take up to 1 hour to compose your email. You can also choose to login directly from the MAIL link on the NP Student Portal page.

Inactivity means there is no data exchange between your computer and the server. Furiously typing at the keyboard alone is not counted as "active".

Independent timeout session for different services (MeL, eMail etc)
The time-out of the Student eServices and other services (when accessed through Student eServics after login with single sign-on feature) is independent of each other. ie. The inactivity time-out from student intranet will not time-out the eMail session which has a 1 hour inactivity time-out setting and also the MeL eLearning which has a 3 hours inactivity time-out setting to cater to students taking online quizzes

For security reasons, your Intranet session will automatically time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. The 20 minute time-out feature applies to Student eServices and NPal Student system. This is to prevent unauthorised access of personal data (eg Exam Results & Student Progress) when staff/student forgets to logout after using.

When you try to access a link from the Student eServices after the system time out, you will be prompted with the Student eServices Login screen. Please relogin.

 Feedback on the Student e-Services

Feedback is always welcome, as it gives us the opportunity to hear your suggestions and helps us to improve our services. Click on the feedback link on the login page or email directly to (for students).

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