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Course Fees


Tuition fees at NP are highly subsidized by the Singapore Government. The Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme enables eligible1 students to pay subsidized tuition fees.  For more details on the TG Scheme, please click here.
For AY2018, the Polytechnics will continue to adopt a cohort-based fee structure, which means that a student’s fees will remain constant for the entire duration of the course. This fee structure will provide greater certainty regarding tuition fees and help students to better plan the financing of their studies. New students enrolling into NP from AY2018 will be informed of the annual tuition fees for their respective courses prior to enrolment. Existing students will continue to pay the tuition fees that they have paid in AY2017 for the remaining duration of the course.

Similar to past years, the Government will continue to absorb the GST chargeable on tuition fees payable by Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident students. The tuition fees for International Students will be subject to GST.
Table 1 shows the annual tuition fee payable for a full-time diploma course for students enrolling in the following academic years and who have opted for the Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme.
Click here for frequently asked questions on course fees >>

2018 Annual tuition fee for students who are eligible and opted for the TG Scheme

Admitted in
Academic Year


Permanent Residents

International Students

(more info)





Table 1 - Tuition Fee for Full-time Diploma Courses (Per Annum) - New Students Enrolling in AY2014 - 2018
*Fee includes GST

Other fees include the following:

Other Fees Payable


Applicable to

  Examination Fee
(Payable by Permanent Resident and International students only)


All successful students enrolled into NP

  Miscellaneous Fee


  Insurance Fee


  Sports Fee


  Student's Union Fee


  Hospital & Surgical Insurance

 S$34 per annum

Foreign students only

​  Enhanced Hospital & Surgical                 Insurance
​ S$53 per annum
​HSN Students only

For actual amount payable, please refer to the Fee Voucher enclosed in your enrolment package. Where applicable, other optional fees may apply:

  • Mobile Computing - Rental Fee (only for students granted rental of mobile computing equipment)
    S$60 (inclusive of GST) per semester. No refund will be given for rental fees paid for the semester should a student withdraw or discontinue with the rental for any reason after the commencement of the semester.​

Full details of annual course fees payable for students enrolled in Academic Years 2014- 2018 can be found here.

For students who are not eligible1 or opt out of TG Scheme, they have to pay the full fees for the duration of their course.

1 You are eligible for Tuition Grant (TG) for your new course at the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) as long as you have not already attained a diploma or degree or higher qualifications through MOE subsidies or sponsorship by the Singapore Government.  If you have received TG or sponsorship by the Singapore Government at the IHLs for the previous course(s) which you did not complete, the TG or MOE subsidy received in your previous course will be taken into account when determining your eligibility for TG for the new course.

There are various financial assistance schemes in place to ensure no student will be denied the opportunity of a polytechnic education because of financial difficulties. More information on the available financial assistance schemes can be found here.​

Change of Citizenship
Students who have officially informed NP of their Singapore citizenship or Permanent Resident status before the commencement of each semester will have their fees adjusted and refunded for that semester. However, for those who inform NP officially their Singapore citizenship or Permanent Resident status after the commencement of the semester, the fees will be adjusted to the rate of Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident with effect from the next semester. No refund will be made for the difference in fees already paid in the current semester. 

Tuition Grant Scheme
The Singapore Government, through the Ministry of Education (MOE) provides tuition grants to subsidise your education at the polytechnic. With the tuition grant subsidy from the Singapore Government, the subsidised tuition fee is as shown above. Permanent residents and foreigners who accept the tuition grant subsidy must sign a bond to work in Singapore for 3 years upon graduation. 

For students who are not eligible or opt to reject the tuition grant, they will have to pay the full fees for the duration of their course.

To find out more about the Tuition Grant Scheme, please refer here.

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