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Tuition Grant Scheme

1. I understand that I have to provide 2 sureties. What are the obligations of my surety? Is he liable to pay in the event that I default?

The surety shall be responsible for ensuring that the student completes his 3-year bond. If the student fails to serve out the bond without the Ministry of Education's permission, the sureties will have to pay the Liquidated Damages (LD) incurred by their charge.

2. How can I buy out my bond and how is the amount computed? 

Please submit a request for buy-off through the TGonline portal with employment letters (if any).

The liquidated damages (LD) is computed on the tuition grant subsidy you received plus 10% compound interest charged per annum. The LD can be reduced proportionately if you have served part of your bond.

3. If I accept the Tuition Grant (TG) subsidy, what are my obligations?

If you are a non-Singapore citizen (including Singapore Permanent Resident), you will be bonded to work in Singapore registered companies for a minimum period of 3 years upon your graduation.

4. I wish to pursue my studies overseas immediately after graduating from the Polytechnic. What are the criteria that I should meet and are there any other alternatives if I did not meet the criteria?

You may seek the Ministry of Education's approval to temporarily defer the bond, provided that you have:-

(I) a Diploma of Merit;
(II) secured a scholarship or sponsorship for your overseas study.

Once your application is approved, you will have to provide a Banker's Guarantee to the Ministry of Education.

5. Can I apply for admission into local universities after I graduate from the Polytechnic?

You can apply for admission directly to the University (NUS / NTU / SMU ). Upon successful admission, MOE will make arrangements for you to execute a Supplemental Agreement to allow you to defer your TG bond and receive another TG for your studies in the University. Upon the completion of your further studies, you will be required to serve out the 3-year bond obligation under the new TG agreement concurrently with the remaining bond obligation outstanding at the point of deferment.

6. What if I want to change one or both of my sureties or if they wish to withdraw? 

You will need to submit a Change of Surety request through the TGonline portal. Please note that you are limited to only one change request (regardless of whether the change is for one or both sureties). Thereafter, no additional request will be accepted unless the change request falls within the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Tuition Grant agreement

You will be contacted for execution of the Supplemental Agreement at MOE once the change request has been approved. For change of:

• 1 surety -> the remaining surety, new surety, replaced surety and the student are required to execute the Supplemental Agreement.

• 2 sureties -> both new sureties, replaced sureties and the student will have to sign the Supplemental Agreement.

7. What type of employment is counted towards serving of the bond?

Only full-time employment with companies registered in Singapore will be counted towards the serving of the bond. Part-time employment is not counted. Self-employment may be counted towards the bond provided the company is registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The job which you have taken up does not have to be related to your field of study in the Polytechnic/University.

8. Who should I consult regarding guidelines on tuition grant? 

For details on the Tuition Grant Scheme, please refer here

You may also contact the Tuition Grant Unit at Tel No :6879 7333/4 or Corporate and Customer Services Branch at Tel: 68722220 during office hours or write to them at the following address for further clarification:

Tuition Grant Unit
15th Floor, Office Tower
Ministry of Education
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675

Email: [email protected]

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