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Polytechnic Foundation Programme Admissions Exercise (PFPAE)



The Polytechnic Foundation Programme Admissions Exercise (PFPAE) allows the top Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) students, who aim to pursue their desired course in a practice-oriented learning environment, to apply for admission to courses offered under the Polytechnic Foundation Programme conducted by the Polytechnics. This is an alternative pathway instead of taking GCE ‘O’ Levels in Secondary 5.

Step-by-step admissions guide for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'N(A)' Level holders is available here.

Applicant Eligibility


You are eligible under the PFPAE if you are a Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) student attaining a ELMAB3 (English Language, Mathematics, Best 3 other subjects) aggregate score of 11 points or better, excluding CCA Bonus Points based on the following examination results:

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘N(A)' level results of 2017, or
  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘N(A)' level results of 2017 and Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ level results of 2017

If you have sat for subjects in the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations in addition to the subjects in your GCE ‘N(A)’ Level examinations, you can combine your ‘N’- and ‘O’-Level examination results to compute the ELMAB3 aggregate score. If you have taken the same subject at both ‘N’ and ‘O’ Levels, only the better grade will be computed into your aggregate.

You are allowed to submit up to a maximum of 5 courses for which you are eligible for. If you are applying for NP courses, you must meet the course entry requirements found here.



Application Period

During the JAE period. 


Application Mode


Apply online through the PFPAE Portal

Application Procedure


If you are eligible to participate in the PFPAE, your school will issue you a Form P on the day of the release of the GCE 'O' Level Examination results. The form contains a PFP PIN which allows you to log onto the PFPAE Portal


Selection Process


Selection is based on merit according to their net ELMAB3 aggregate scores (taking into account the CCA bonus points for which the applicants are eligible for), considering choices and vacancies available.

Release of Posting Results


The outcome of your application will be released online through the PFPAE Portal .

If you are successful in your application, you will be required to indicate acceptance of the posting within three working days of the posting results via the PFPAE Portal. Once accepted, you will be withdrawn from Secondary 5.

If you are posted to one of our courses and have accepted the posting, learn more about how you can enrol with us here.

Successful candidates are required to take part in the 1-year corresponding Foundation Programme for the diploma that they have been offered a provisional place in. The programme will commence in April. Click here for more details.


Appeal for Transfer - PFPAE Appeal Exercise


Upon receiving the PFPAE posting results, if you want to appeal for a transfer to another polytechnic course, you may submit an online appeal via the PFPAE Appeal Exercise for polytechnic courses. You do not need to submit separate appeal to the individual polytechnics.

Appeal period: Tentatively in Jan 2018

a) Appeal Procedures and Information

● You can appeal up to a maximum of 3 course choices.

● If your appeal is successful, your original PFPAE posting will be void regardless of whether you accept the new PFP offer.  If you are unsuccessful in the PFPAE Appeal Exercise, you will retain your original PFPAE posting.

You can submit the online appeal from any computer with Internet access.

b) Release of PFPAE Appeal Results

Appellants can check their appeal results online onwards. They are to accept or reject their appeal results within 2 days from the release of the appeal results.

If you are posted to one of our courses, learn more about how you can accept your posting here.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 For more details on the FAQs, please click here.



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