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​The School of Film & Media Studies (FMS) was established in 1989. It was the first tertiary institution in Singapore to offer a full-time Diploma in Mass Communication (MCM). In 1993, the School scored another local first by offering the Diploma in Film, Sound & Video (FSV).

In 1999, FMS introduced the Advanced Diploma in Film Production programme (ADFP) to provide advanced training in the art and craft of narrative filmmaking. This has since been discontinued because our graduates can now take the accelerated BFA in Creative Producing offered to them by Chapman University, Singapore, on our campus grounds.

The first cohort of the Diploma in Digital Visual Effects (DVFX) was accepted in 2007, in response to the growing demand for specialised skills in this area and it has become the first course in Singapore to produce Stereoscopic 3D content. In fact, its first S3D short film was screened on Okto in 2011. It was renamed Diploma in Visual Effects (VFX) in 2015. In Apr 2009, we launched our fourth course- the Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations. It remains the only such course among the polytechnics.

The stellar achievements of our FMS graduates in international competitions, in securing competitive media positions, and in scholastic endeavours have contributed to the very high subscription rates for our courses during the admissions periods. Many FMS graduates have become household names and prominent professionals in radio and television production, advertising and public relations, film and video, and journalism industries. A number of media lecturers in the other polytechnics, and overseas universities are also alumni from FMS.

Currently, there are about 900 students enrolled in our four full-time diploma programmes.

The Courses

1. Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations
2. Diploma in ​Visual Effects
3. Diploma in Mass Communication
4. Diploma in Film, Sound & Video

The FMS Learning Experience

Our mission at the School of Film & Media Studies (FMS), Ngee Ann Polytechnic, is to provide our students with a rich and total learning experience and to enable them to excel in the global and dynamic film and media industry.

The FMS learning experience hinges on the application of theoretical and practical knowledge. It encourages individual students to develop their passion, learn how to persevere, find their niche, and strive for excellence in the applied-media arts.

Experiential learning through industry placements and group projects allow students to not only express themselves on a personal level but also professionally. Students also learn leadership and teamwork skills, and develop regional and international perspectives.

We believe outstanding talents that will raise the bar for the industry are characterised by the 4Ps - 

Passion, Professionalism, Perseverance and outstanding Portfolios.

FMS courses aim to harness the creative and technical abilities of our students and allow flexibility in the specialisation of their chosen craft through a variety of learning platforms:

  • UrbanWire ( is an entertainment and lifestyle e-zine produced by final-year Online Journalism students who gain professional and global exposure in multimedia journalism, and organise national charity events. It attracts an average of 1.3 million hits a month.

  • Radio Heatwave, Singapore's first campus radio station, was established in 1992. It offers final-year Advanced Radio Production students in the MCM course a chance to experience broadcast management, production and presentation skills.

  • Campus TV, broadcasts original video programmes online as well as on selected TV sets on campus.
  • NPTribune, Ngee Ann’s campus newspaper is arguably the most established student-produced campus publication in our country.  

  • hype magazine, which showcases lifestyle stories in a lively way and is distributed off-campus, is produced by final-year Print Journalism students in the MCM course.

We intentionally converged these very established platforms to form m:idea, Singapore's first student-run media conglomerate in 2008. This is our experiment in instilling entrepreneurial skills and a media convergence mindset among our students who have proven media leadership talents. 

Since AY 2012/13, the School has lengthened the FMS Internship Programme (IP), the Final-Year Project (FYP)  and the Industry-based Project (IBP) initiative from 20 to 22 weeks to put the skills and knowledge students have acquired to the ultimate test of the demanding real world. These initiatives also help our industry partners talent spot potential employees and groom them for our burgeoning creative industries.

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