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Once again, as we come to the end of the year, we love to keep you updated about Dialogue-in-the-Dark.

This year DiD celebrates its 6th birthday. We started in Oct 2009 trialing our workshops and operating with a skeletal staff. In April 2010, we officially opened to the public and had our first centre manager.

In the last 6 years, we have impacted over 109,000 visitors through our tours and workshops. As a unique learning facility and social enterprise, we would not have been able to continue if not for the support of people and organisations like you who believe in us - in our social cause and that we can offer quality experiential programmes.

2015 has been a challenging and busy year. A creative year with many "first-of-its-kind" events and activities. A meaningful year with programmes and projects we have thoughtfully designed to make impact and a difference in people's lives. Below are some highlights.

Thank you all. May your Christmas and New Year be filled with much joy, peace and abundant blessings.

Choo Cheh Hoon
Managing Director, Social Lab Ltd


"Against All Odds" - DiD Inaugural Conference  

Social enterprises are tough businesses to start, and even harder to sustain. As the host for this year's DiD international and Corporate RoundTable, DiD Singapore decided to stretch ourselves further by organising an inaugural public conference aptly titled "Against All Odds" (5 and 6 Oct). We gathered some inspiring social entrepreneurs to share how they overcome their challenges. Keynote speakers included social entrepreneurs like Benny Seteo from Eighteen Chefs, Lynna Chandra of Rachel House and Andreas Heinecke. Breakout sessions were interactive for greater engagement of both the visually impaired and sighted. Participants were from about 15 countries.



"Rhythm of Life" - Concert in the Dark 2015  

Back by popular demand, our annual Concert in the Dark was held on 6th Oct in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The event dovetailed our public conference so that our overseas delegates could experience it. The 400-strong audience sang along with the guest artists in English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien and even in Taiwanese aboriginal language, including an odd phrase sounding like "panda wee wee.." Besides the seasoned celebrities, our own visually impaired guides and former students were also given the opportunity to showcase their singing talents and surprised all with their professional performance.

“It was a beautiful and edifying experience with music in its purest form to many of us who often take our senses for granted. My colleagues and I absolutely enjoyed the inclusiveness of the concert and how DiD takes pride in empowering their visually impaired colleagues to be a part of this concert as well. Would definitely recommend friends and colleagues to such an endearing and meaningful concert!”
–Cheryl Phoebe Liew, Audience


Corporate Workshops with a Difference

About a thousand executives have benefited from our specially crafted and designed team-building and leadership workshops in 2015. Feedback has continued to be incredibly positive - " My assumptions were challenged", "I realised I have lots of blindspots", "We learned to listen better", "The Boss is not always right", "When your sight is taken away from you, you lead differently". Special thanks to our repeat clients, such as HSBC, INSEAD, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Maritime Port Authority.



Art & Diversity, an SG50 Exhibition

Can the blind paint? Seven of our visually impaired guides took on a 15-week challenge on Chinese Brush Painting, taught by Ms Chi Pin Lay, a social artist from Gallery@Ourf. Their works were exhibited at SG50 Art & Diversity at The Arts House (14 - 18 June 2015). Their paintings were sold and the proceeds were given to the Nepal earthquake victims through World Vision.


Public Service Festival 2015

Our 10 brand new interns took on a few big challenges in our Oct semester soon after they came on board. Each internship lasts only 6 months and we expect our interns to hit the ground running after 2 weeks of orientation. Besides helming the operations for our Oct international meeting and public conference, they did us proud by putting up an interactive DiD dark booth at the Public Service Festival (PSF) at Suntec Convention Hall (15 to 17 Oct). A total of 1,220 visitors visited the DiD booth. Young and old were intrigued by our activities in the dark booth.

“I visited DiD at NP three years ago and remembered all the tour details and even the name of the guide. It was an experience that will be with me for a long time, the impact of the darkness and the blind guide.”–A visitor at PSF 2015



8th ASEAN Para Games 2015

Four of our visually impaired represented Singapore in the ASEAN Para Games 2015 - Kelvin Tan (Goalball), Joan Hung (Goalball), Muhammad Hidayat (Goalball) and Mohmmmad Sadik (Bowling). Our VIs have only started learning how to play Goalball for several months and we are really thrilled that they been selected to represent Singapore's first attempt at Goalball.


Play in the Dark

Another creative achievement of DiD in 2015 is the launch of an originally written play by visually impaired guide Sim Kah Yong. The drama in complete darkness is performed by a few of our visually impaired guides. The play is about the bullying of a stuttering school boy who learnt self-confidence and resilience through the encouragement of an exceptional teacher. Like a radio drama, the audience is expected to participate in some parts and reflect on their feelings at the end of the play.

“It was such an extraordinary experience! Play does not always need to be seen and never to let our disabilities bring us down.”–Kavikadnashni, student of Bukit Batok Secondary School

“To be kind to everyone and accept them for who they are, no matter the difference. One of a kind!”–Grace Lee, student of Bukit Batok Secondary School

Only group bookings are allowed for Play in the Dark.

Do book us for the above new initiative, or for our other signature programmes and workshops.



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