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Experience DiD

The tour at Dialogue in the Dark Singapore allows you to experience everyday environment without the benefit of sight. You begin your journey into the dark in a group of around eight people. Everyone in the tour is given a white cane. Anything that emits light or sound is covered or silenced. A blind guide will accompany you every step of the way to make sure you feel safe and secure.

Then the journey begins...

As you inch slowly in darkness, you come to an open park with plants, benches and a fountain. The sound of birds and water completes this invisible landscape.

Boarding a boat, you sail down the Singapore River until you reach the city. Moving into town, you will have to navigate a typical Singaporean housing estate and face challenges like crossing the street through the noise of traffic.

The tour comes to a close as visitors are led to a cafe, still within the darkness. Here you may have a drink and chat with your guide before ending your journey.

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